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Association for Japanese Classical Performing Arts of Gagaku

Gagaku is well known for its long history which extends over a thousand years. It has had a great deal of influence on other Japanese music, yet the opportunity to see and hear Gagaku is very limited for the general public. The Association was established to promote Gagaku and other traditional Japanese music in and out of Japan and has supported many activities at various venues: overseas performances for cultural exchange, workshops and shows at local schools to educate young people, and class seminars for promoting Japanese traditional cultures.

The inaugural concert by the Association will be held as followed:

  Belgium-Japan Spring Concert

   By the performers of Gagaku, Violin and Piano

  Time and date:February 18, 2012 at 1:30 pm (Doors open at 1:00pm)

  Venue: Hiratsuka Central Hall

  Organizer: Association for Japanese Classical Performing Arts of Gagaku

  Co-organizer: Kitanodai Gagakukai

  Supporters: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgium Embassy in Japan,
  Kanagawa Prefecture, Hiratsuka City, Hiratsuka City Board of Education,
  Hiratsuka Bunka Sports Machizukuri Foundation, Hiratsuka Chamber of
  Commerce, Hiratsuka Tourism Bureau, Odawara City, Odawara City Board
  of Education, Hadano City, Hadano City Board of Education, Isehara City,
  Isehara City Board of Education, Oiso Town, Oiso Town Board of Education,
  Ninomiya Town, Hakone Town, Yugawara Town Board of Education,
  Manazuru Twon Board of Education

  Performers: Kitanodai Gagakukai

           Levan Pagava (Violin)
           Naomi Tsukamoto (Piano)

  Program: Bugaku(Dances) “Kanshu” (Saho) and “Kocho” (Uho) Kangen
         Kangen(Instrumentsal) “Sojo-no-Netori” and “Kaden-no-Kyu”

         “La Chasse” (Henri Vieuxtemps) Op32 No.3
         “Sonatina” (Dvořák) Op100 G-major
         “Reve d’enfant” (Eugène Ysaÿe) Op14
         “Reverie” (Henri Vieuxtemps) Op22 No.3
         “Voices of Spring” (Johann Strauss Jr.) Op410

         “Hyojyo Etenraku” (collaboration)

   Admission fee: Adult ¥3,000 (at the ticket booth),
             Advance ticket ¥2,500
             Elementary and Jr. High school children ¥800
             (at the ticket booth),
             Advance ticket ¥500

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